It is no secret that drug use at music festivals or any other event is not new. We all know someone from near or far who has suffered the sad consequences of drug use leading to an overdose. We do not encourage anyone to use drugs, but we know very well that we cannot stop them. That’s why we want to help you know what you’re consuming.
When the Canadian company Test Your Poison approached us to ask us to share their product with you, we immediately accepted. Test Your Poison offers several test kits for drugs such as MDMA, LSD, Ketamine, Fentanyl, Cocaine, GHB and more. The products are around $24. Not very expensive to save yourself from potentially harmful substances.


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“Our mission is to improve safety through harm reduction. We realize that the vast majority of drug users in our society are non-addicted, recreational users. Yet, this population remains under-served when it comes to harm reduction. We neither promote, nor endorse drug use of any kind, but we understand there are many that choose to use drugs recreationally. We provide drug screening kits so that people can better inform and protect themselves. Our team is based in Canada, and currently ship our products within North America, as well as to dozens of other countries.”
“Our products range from drug identification test kits to drug purity test kits. Using our kits, you will know whether or not a certain substance might be present in a sample as well as help give you an idea of the purity of a substance. We also provide some accessories such as a mini digital scale that you can use for the test kits.”