Last Saturday, we had the chance to spend a privileged moment with the Dutch artist, Laidback Luke. We took the opportunity to ask him some questions about 2017, upcoming projects and his lifestyle. Here is the complete interview.


EDM: First of all, I want to thank you for meeting us tonight. We know that you have a very tight schedule, but we’re glad you are taking time to come sit with us tonight. Before we start, we want to wish you a happy new year. We know  that your last gig of 2017 was in Atlantic City so is it your first show of 2018 ?

Laidback Luke: Yeah, this is the first show of the year for me !

Laidback Luke
EDM: Well,  that is good way to start the year ! You haven’t been to Montreal for a while now, last time you came was in January 2017 isn’t ?

Laidback Luke: Yeah ! Also, one of the best show I did in Montreal was at Ilesoniq in 2014. For me, that was the best show of the year.

Laidback Luke 2
EDM: That’s a really cool thing to hear from you ! Is there anything that you want to talk about 2017 ? I know, it’s been a pretty busy year for you. Do you have any highlights that you want to talk about ?

Laidback Luke: Yes, there’s some musical highlights, for instances we put out the Mixmash family album, which was very different and a fun project to do. On a Kung Fu level I became a Shifu so that was amazing and performing at the world championship as well. I won three gold medals, two silver medals and one bronze medal during this championship.


EDM: That’s amazing ! Is there any projects for 2018 that you could talk about regarding Mixmash or your career in general ?

Laidback Luke: At the moment, I’m super excited because only this week Steve Aoki and I finish our turbulence follow up and tonight, it’s the first time I’m gonna play it out. Also, I’m excited about it because I think it’s gonna be a big track. Obviously, we’ve been waiting for so many years because we could not really find the right one and I think, now, we have the right one.

EDM: I’m sure it is ! So is it a remake or a remix?

Laidback Luke: It’s a totally new track. Steve Aoki and I wanted to work together again and it needed to be something like turbulence.

EDM: We talked about Kung Fu earlier, but we were wondering if  Kung Fu affects your life in general and how ?

Laidback Luke: Yes, absolutely. Kung Fu and the fit lifestyle changed my life. It’s a way of life for me and it keeps me very balanced with the crazy DJ life.

Laidback luke

EDM: Talking about crazy DJ life, how do you manage being an international DJ, having your own label, getting your Shifu title and being a dedicated dad, all at the same time ?

Laidback Luke: It’s a good question to ask, I’ve  made vlogs about it as well, make sur to check out my Youtube Chanel On the other hand, I still need to a make vlog about maximizing time, which is very much the key of everything I do. My girlfriend has been very much surprised about the fact that I can’t sit still. I’m always finishing a vlog, finishing new tracks and/or working with my team for the Mixmash stuff. It’s all about not wasting too much time.


EDM: For the people that don’t know, they have to go watch your vlogs. You’re not just uploading your daily lifestyle, but you’re also helping local DJs and upcoming producers. That’s where we first heard about Mark Villa and his first popular track, Venture. Your vlogs are a very good way to learn about your DJ lifestyle but also many other things. You’re giving out traveling tips, training programs, meal plans and much more. So my question for you is, because you’ve being doing this for a while now, How do you stay motivated through all of this ?

Laidback Luke: Actually, it hasn’t felt for me like I made it or I had any success so far. I’m still as hungry as the young talent that I was. I’ve been doing this for 20 years now, but it still feels like it’s brand new.  I’m always excited about, you know, performing in front of a crowd, developing new tracks and helping people. I think the moment that you don’t feel motivated, it’s the moment you should do something else.


EDM: This is something  that we see a lot in your sets ! You keep innovating and we had the the chance to see you performing a lot of major festivals. People need to know that your festival sets are very different than your club sets.

Laidback Luke: I surprise myself as well with my sets because I never pre-plan my sets and in fact as we speak, I don’t know which track I’m gonna open with. It all depends on the moment and on everything really, how the energy of the crowd is, how the club feels,  how I feel behind the decks, how warm it is, how cold it is, how the people react and if they don’t react I need to do something else. Everywhere I go is different, so my sets will always be different . Even at a big festival like Ultra Music Festival, I go in as a blank. I don’t prepare anything and I think is fun and fascinating to just go on. If I wouldn’t do that, I would totally be bored after 20 years of djing. By doing it this way, it keeps it very fun for me.

LL 2

EDM: That’s why you need to see Laidback Luke every time you have a chance to see him. I’ll finish with this ! In your vlogs, you’re giving a lot of tips for upcoming artists. Do you have any tips that you never mentioned in a vlog that you can share with us tonight ?

Laidback Luke: The big problem with young DJs is when they first need to perform, they are super nervous. It’s crazy because the pressure is so intense, but I always say, just go back to where you practice, like your bedroom or at your friend’s house and see the setup and this set up is the same when you play. I know, there’s gonna be a crowd and the music is gonna be crazy loud but in your head just try to go back as if you were in your bedroom again. Just imagine for a moment that there is no crowd. When you find that self-confidence again, then you can open up, you can see the crowd and then you could think: Oh you know, maybe I’m ready for this, maybe I can do it. So that’s a big thing, I remember I was always super nervous when I needed to perform. Obviously, that changed over the time. That is a really good tip to try when you are nervous.

We would like to thank Laidback Luke and his team again for allowing us to do this interview.