Last weekend, at Villa Paradizo festival, we had the chance to talk to Timmy Trumpet, one of the biggest names in the Electro House scene. Thanks to his visit to Montreal, we were able to discover a little more about the Australian DJ who simply melted our hearts. Here is our complete interview with Timothy Jude Smith AKA Timmy Trumpet.


Q : Where is the first gig you’ve ever played?

A : I used to do trumpet at the war ceremonies like at the last post. They actually had an army uniform for me and everything. It was like my first gig. It was great because the war veterans, they kind of looked at me like “Wow”. You’d finish playing and they be crying and stuff. It was really nice.


Q : Very different than what you got to do today though?

A : It’s different, but similar, you know? Same sort of things. People will be crying tonight.


Q : Why the Trumpet?

A : I wanted to play saxophone. I still prefer saxophone, but we could not afford one. At that time my dad was a trumpeter and he just goes : This is what we got, deal with it” and it worked out well with the literation  : Timmy Trumpet, Timmy Sax, you know what I mean?

Villa Paradizo
Photo credit : Tim Snow / Villa Paradizo

Q : Who inspires you when you do music?

A : I’m inspired by anyone trying to do something different, it doesn’t matter whether you have a name or if you’re a nobody like me, as long as you’re trying something different. We’re all a same. I’m not better than anyone else.


Q : If you had a choice to go with any artist on tour, not necessarily a DJ, just an artist, who would it be?

A : Honestly, I just met Snails back staged, here in the caravan, by the kitchen, and I LOVE him! I would love to tour with him! He likes to get weird, I like to get weird, we’re going to get weird together tonight!


Q: If you had a chance to do another career, like not musically speaking, what would it be?

A : You know, I’ve always wanted to know how to cook! I love food, I enjoy eating but I don’t know how it works. I don’t know how to cook, I swear to god! I can do like eggs and toasts but I’d love to learn how to cook properly. I think the food would taste better if I cooked it myself!

Photo credit : Tim Snow / Villa Paradizo
Photo credit : Tim Snow / Villa Paradizo

Q : Do you have any other passion than eating?

A : I love hanging out with friends, my favourite thing in life is learning and I’m actually addicted to audio books! I’ve never enjoyed reading books but listening to them is different.


Q : Are you single?

A : I just met this girl in Hungary, at first, she couldn’t speak English yet we had this connection! She’s a legend, she’s beautiful, we’re in love. We’ve been together for almost 2 years now, she actually properly learnt the language now.


Q : Continuing with the weird questions, if you were on a desert island, what would you bring, except a trumpet?

A : It’s one of my goals to end up on a desert island, I find people annoying! Even my girlfriend gets annoying. I guess most people would say a phone, and maybe after a day, I would want a phone, maybe I would want human contact. Or also, a blanket, you know, if it gets cold?

Villa paradizo
Photo credit : Tim Snow / Villa Paradizo

Q : If you could be a superhero, who would you be?

A : Since I really like to live, If I could have any ability, it would be to live forever, I really enjoy life and living! And I don’t want this part of my life to end. It’s so much fun! I don’t care about what I look like, especially right now, for this event, let’s get weird later!


Q : What are your plans for your future?

A : I’m hoping to come back and I just want to continue what I’m doing man. It’s not about to becoming famous or changing the world for me. It’s about enjoying my day and continue learning. Shout out to EDM Canada. Thank you to having me.


A big thank you to Timmy Trumpet and all his team for allowing us to realize such a beautiful moment. Big thanks also to Carl Müren for leading this interview as a professional.