Finally, we have more info coming from this Canadian DJ duo. In the last months, they made less music, fewer gigs, and their social media channels had pretty much no activity.

A month ago, the Canadians Dzeko & Torres made a post talking about their inactivity on social media. They seem to be working on some new music and big news are coming up in both their musical careers.

Dzeko & Torres

Even more, last Tuesday another post appeared, written by Julian only this time (Dzeko). Seems he has been waiting a long time to post this. He’s talking their early days in the DJ world and all the hard work they’ve put into their career to be where they are now.


Musical Freedom posted this weekend a teaser of Liberty, a new track produced by only Dzeko himself. The track will be released on December 12th and marks the beginning of the new solo career of Dzeko.

More about it, Dzeko & Torres just confirmed that they will still be working together, but that Dzeko will continue to tour and producing music, while Torres ”wants to focus more as an engineer/producer full time”.



-Will Laps-