Zouk, which is known as one of the best clubs in the world, has become famous and considered as one of the best spots of nocturnal life in Asia. Meanwhile, after an incident took place in fall with Aly & Fila, the club fell into a negative scandal for the bad treatments the DJs received. It seems like hot waters are running back by trying to host a fake Marshmello. According to the resident DJ, Jade Rasif, the club either couldn’t prove a diligence of the legitimate booking, or it simply tried to fool people around. Even Marshmello himself has stated that he would not be playing there, but the show took place nevertheless. Imagine that NCG hosts a fake DJ BLEND or BTSM, it would be unforgivable. Here is what the club posted on its Facebook page:


Sebastien Hamel

Translated by: Sandra Chad

Source :https://www.facebook.com/YourEdm/?fref=ts